Choke and kill manifolds are wellhead equipments that are assembled on the blowoul preventer units. After the blowout preventers are closed, the manifolds assure the following operations:

To direct the drilling fluid from the well in to the buffer tanks through adjustable chokes, drilling chokes or freely, in order to obtain a controlled reduction of the pressure into the well;

-       To direct the drilling fluid in the reversed direction, in order to stop the blowoul manifestation with the help of the pressure exerted on the layers, to fill up the layers or in other purposes;

-       Measuring the pressure in the annular space of the wellhead;

-       Fluid expansion after it passes by the adjustable chokes;

-       Collect and distribute the well fluid depending on its nature (mud, oil, gases and so on) through five outlet connections.

-       Measuring the pressure in the manifold collector (after the fluid passes by the adjustable chokes).

-       Choke and kill manifolds containing the main follow components: handwell valves, hydraulic actuated valves, adjustable chokes, drilling chokes, check valves, pressure gauge.

-       All component valves and chokes are acc. to API 6A;



choke and kill manifolds





















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