hydraulic actuated slab gate valves

UZTEL hydraulic actuated valves HM810 (with manual opening device) series are available in different sizes and

pressure classes. A manual opening device fitted directly on the bonnet is standard available.

The bonnet assures both a metal-to-metal backseat seal and an independent sealing system. The sealing system is designed for pressure range and service of the valve and is interchangeable with other product brand in its size and pressure range.

Because the bonnet and the actuator are completely individual, self-contained sealing systems, a sour service bonnet may be used in conjunction with a standard service actuator, provided the control media is acceptable. The quick disconnect feature is an advantage targeted at saving the customer space and money.





  • linear hydraulic double action
  • normal operating pressure 1,500psi
  • the cylinder wall withstands a non shock pressure of


  • double hydraulic seals and guides fitted to piston
  • position indicator




  • similar with standard design body & bonnet
  • rising stem with back-seat
  • slab gate reverse bore






Design, manufacturing  API Spec 6A
  Size   2 1/16” to 4 1/16”
  Working Pressure   2,000; 3,000; 5,000 PSI
  Temperature Range   0 to 650 oF (-18 to + 345)oC








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