The UZ 03, annular BOP'S are wellhead equipments designed to close the well and prevent free oil well blowing that may occur when drilling and bringing In oll-and-gas wells.

For this scope, annular blowout preventers perform the following operations:

-Seal off the annulus between the casing on which they are assembled and the outside of drill pipes, tubing and casings;

-Seal off the hole when the drilling pipes, tubing or casings are out of hole.

Annular blowout preventers are provided with 6B or 6BX end flanges according to API 6A.


Depending on the working environment the, UZT 03 annular blowout preventer is manufactured on the following two types:

Manufacturing alternative

Working environment



Drilling fluids based on water or oilfield products with

max. temperature 212° F (100°C).



Drilling fluids based on water or oilfield products with H2S content-conf. NACE-MR-01.75-cl.a lll-a, with max. temperature 212° F (100°C).


annular bop preventer

The UZTEL UZ 03 type annular blowout preventer offers a unique combination of benefits, Including safety, economy, reliability, fast and easy service, extended service life. These performances are getting through the following:

  • Simple design, only two moving parts, which means few areas are subjected to wear less maintenance and downtime;
  • The BOP design ensures the "self-packing" effect, which means the well pressure helps to the annular packer sealing;
  • The opening chamber head prevent inadvertent contamination of hydraulic system during annular packing replacement;
  • The latched system of bonnet assure fast and easy access to annular packing and seals. As a result the job of replacing a worn annular packing is very simple: just unlatched the blowout preventer bonnet, remove them, lift out the worn-out annular packing and drop in a new one;
  • Annular packer is actuated by double acting hydraulic piston, large "U" seals are used for dynamically sealing piston chambers;
  • Replaceable wear plate eliminated metal to metal contact between the annular packing inserts and the annular preventer bonnet, making field repair fast and economical;

annular bop preventer 1



annular bop preventer 2

Item Description
1 Body
2 Piston seal packing
3 Piston
4 Sleeve
5 Screw
6 Plug
7 Piston seal packing
8 Annular packer
9 Seal packing
10 Lock bolt
13 Wear plate
14 Seal gasket
15 Bonnet
16 Seal gasket
17 Cover
18 Body grease fitting
19 Screw
20 Washer
21 "O" ring
22 "O" ring







annular bop preventer table 2

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