Surface safety valves, SSV 811 & SSV 813 series are designed to close automatically when control pressure is released. The actuator may be pneumatic (air or gas) or hydraulic version.

Operating pressure applied to the piston forces the stem and gate downward to the open position. When operating pressure is vented an actuator spring will close the valve (spring design assure complete closure with zero line pressure).

Can be used with wing valve, secondary master, flow lines, pipeline valves or any where automatic actuator control of gate valves is required.

All parts are made for maximum resistance to corrosion in salt air and may be also ordered for H2S, C02 applications.


Hydraulic actuated Pneumatic actuated
surface-1 surface-2

Technical features:

  • adjustable stop provides positive bore alignment of gate;
  • valve can be opened with manual override with full working pressure in the line;
  • bonnet to stem metal to metal backseat and on independent sealing system;
  • large piston area (pneumatic version) permits use of low-pressure air or gas control systems;
  • visual indication produced by rising stem (limit switch available on request).
Design, manufacturing Pneumatic Hydraulic  
   Size  2 1/16'' ÷ 7 1/16''  2 1/16'' ÷ 7 1/16''
   Working Pressure  2,000 ÷10,000 PSI  2,000 ÷10,000 PSI
   Temperature Range  -60ºC ÷ 121ºC  -60ºC ÷ 121ºC
   Operating Pressure  80 ÷ 250 PSI  1,500 ÷ 3,000 PSI



























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