Technical features:

• non rising stem;

• body and bonnet connected by studs and nuts;

• body and bonnet sealing: soft metallic crush ring;

• seats: loose fitted;

• seat sealing: PTFE insert rings;

• gate: parallel expanding, with Inconel springs;

• stem packing: V type gaskets, PTFE glass filled (or carbon filled) & soft packing;

• flow direction: stamp on the body.

• end to end connections: 6B or 6BX flange type acc. to API 6A (with Ring Joint), or API threaded




Description and operation:

The seats are loose fitted into the body and with TFE insert on the booths faces. TFE insert assures a wiping action on sealing surfaces, while seal is of metal-to-metal type. Full metal-to-metal seats are available on request. Gate and seat replacement is possible, with the valve in line, without the need for special tools.

Upper and lower thrust bearings isolated from well fluid, minimizing torque. Stem packing can be re­energized with valve under pressure. Stem packing gaskets are made from PTFE glass and/or carbon filled and soft packing.

The valve body may be grease filled through suitable fittings provided on body.

To close valve rotate the hand-wheel clockwise, gate moves downward, minor segment of the gate strikes the body and push both parts of the gate to the seats. To open valve, rotate the hand-wheel counter-clockwise until strikes the bonnet to assure full opening

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