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We are proud for more than 100 years activity in oil and gas industry

1856 - The first refinery in the world, was built near Ploiesti

1857 - Bucharest- the first city in the world illuminated with oil

1904 - The company Standard Oil from the United States established near Ploiesti the Romanian American Company and built workshops and refineries

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1950 - Mechanical workshops of Romanian American Company became UZTEL Company, subordinated to the Romnian Oil Ministry. The company became one of the main producers of oilfield equipment for the romanian petroleum industry, esuring at the same time, the capital repairs for whole range of equipment.

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1991 - UZTEL became shareholding company.

2004 - The company was privatized and was commited to increase the profitability.
An wide investment program started in order to modernize production capacities, to increase products quality and to assure the environment protection

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