Type TH 1th1


Annular seal is lockdown screws energized and isn't affected by tubing weight.

Two seals on the tubing hanger neck isolate down hole control (DHCV) lines.

No special running tools are required.

Installation is quick and easy without awkward manipulation of the tree.

A threaded type UZ-HBPV preparation is furnished as standard.

Available with one or two control lines.










It is recommended for critical service applications up to 15,000psi. Hanger upper seal is a pressure energized, metal U cup seal. This seal is also

bidirectional, which eliminates need for auxiliary test seals.

The upper metal seal is simultaneously energized with flange make-up.

Metal seals are made of high alloy materials to withstand corrosive and high temperature environments.

Extended neck design ensures positive alignment for the metal U cup seal during installation.









Dual hanger split system TH-DS is a split hanger with an integral compression type annulus seal actuated by lockdown screws that provides maximum clearance for control lines.

Split hanger can be run and pulled independently

A threaded type UZ-HBPV preparation is furnished standard.

Available with one or two control lines.















Coupling and Adapter; coarse ACME thread makes up easily.


        - a thread UZ-HBPV preparation is normally furnished

        - special running tools are required


       - top and bottom connections are available in many sizes, but are normally configured with a flanged bottom and studded top.

Wrap around hanger reliable compression seal controls pressure in the tubing annulus during mounting of the Christmas Tree, reciprocation of the tubing, as well as making up the tree.









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