Weight Energized seal Slip-Type Casing Hangers

The types UZ-22 and UZ-29 Casing Hangers are of similar design with different support capacities.

The UZ-22 can support maximum 50% of the casing joint strength, while the UZ-29 can support 90%.

Both wrap-around styles are designed as single pre-assembled units to ensure ease of installation and operation. They are designed for general service and are compatible with UZ-22 and UZ-29 casing head housings and casing spools.

Heavy-duty latch and hinge design creates a reliably strong and stable structure after closing.

On UZ-29 hangers, two sets of slips distribute the casing weight to ensure stronger support for extreme casing heads

Guide ring slip maintains slip alignment during installation and operation.

Pack-off is automatically energized with casing weight. Both casing hangers accommodate the full API tolerance range for casing O.D.

Special casing hangers for nonstandard casing O.D. sizes are available upon request.


 Casing size      Top flange
    9"         11"      13 5/8"  16 3/4"   21 1/4" 
 4 1/2"
 5 1/2"
 6 5/8"
 7 5/8"
 8 5/8"
 9 5/8"
 10 3/4"
 11 3/4"
 13 3/8"




ch 21


Pressure Energized seal Slip-Type Casing Hanger

Type UZ-21 Casing Hanger

The UZ-21 Casing Hanger with UZ-21 seal pack-off is a split, segmented, wrap-around casing hanger used for shallow wells with light casing loads that do not require an annular seal prior to removing the BOP and cutting the casing.

The UZ-21 seal pack-off is designed to be installed after the casing has been landed, cut off and dressed. The pack-off serves as the primary seal when the next spool is installed.

The UZ-21 casing hanger with UZ-21 seal pack-off can not be used in UZ-22 or UZ-29 casing bowls due to the presence of retainer pins or lock-screws in the seal interface.

UZ-21 casing hanger accommodates the full API tolerance range for casing O.D.

Non-standard casing O.D. sizes are available upon request.




ch 21 m




Type UZ-21 -M Casing Hanger

The UZ-21 -M type Casing Hanger is designed for use over mud line suspension systems or when sufficient casing weight is not available to energize UZ-22 or UZ-29 automatic casing hanger seal. The pack off seal is energized when the compression cap screws in the top of the hanger and or lock down screws are tightened as required. Casing hangers are capable of supporting 50% of the casing joint strength












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