UZT-EFT E940 series may be accommodated on standard UZTEL tubing heads. This feature keeps a minimum overall height and eliminates the adapters.

-     The tubing hanger is similar with dual string types in which one opening is used to suspend and seal the tubing while the other is used to carry and seal the electrical cable.

-     Athreaded type UZ-HBPV preparation is furnished as standard.

-     The design has two stuffing box (hanger and adapter) which are prepared to receive different size of stripped cable by changing just the packing and the press rings. This dual sealing allows for pressure isolation in the ring gasket area. Testing orifice is provided in the adapter.

-     Rotating flange allow proper instalation.

-     Standard rotary flanged adapter 7 1 /16" &11" 2,000 to 10,000 psi. Other sizes and pressure classes available on request.


completion esp wells



prepared for biw connectors systems


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